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About Aspen Hill Physical Therapy

For those of you in the Silver Spring, Maryland, area, we are the people to turn to for optimal care. At Aspen Hill Physical Therapy, we realize that wellness of body, soul, and mind are required for optimal function as we go through our everyday lives. We provide evidence-based, innovative, and compassionate care for the body and mind of each individual. We do this to promote the fastest physical and functional recovery while our patients are having a positive experience. Our goal is to find new ways to improve patient outcomes and expectations.

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Personalized & Individualized Care

The care and goals we provide our patients are designed to address their specific physical, functional, and emotional needs. The main goal of each physical therapy session is to provide individualized interventions with quality skills and care that is geared towards achieving the highest quality of life and to ensure patient satisfaction.

Our Qualified Providers

We have been practicing physical therapy for more than 10 years, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands. We are highly experienced in manual therapy for children and adults. Every time you come to our clinics you will be working with a therapist who is familiar with you, your condition, and your progress.

Team Approach

Depend on our collective knowledge to help you through this difficult challenge. All of our treatment plans are developed as a result of a team effort that is centered on you.